Woman Says Kidnapped Girl Is In Car, Cops Horrified At What’s Really Inside

Police in Louisville, Kentucky received a frantic call from a woman reporting that her car was stolen and that her 8-year-old niece was kidnapped with it. However, when they tracked down her ride and looked inside, the child was nowhere to be found, but they discovered something else that left them sick.

Frantinne Scott, 36, rented a red Chevy Camaro that she reported missing and said that her niece was inside and was worried for safety. Police immediately went searching on Wednesday and found the car fairly quickly, which looked to have been abandoned. Their first concern was for the kidnapped child. Since they didn’t see her through the windows inside the car, they feared that her abductors left her in the trunk. Using a crowbar, cops pried the back open, which wasn’t about to end well for Scott.

According to WAVE, when officers opened the trunk they didn’t see the girl, but they did find something else in the car they weren’t expecting. Left in plain sight was a black pouch with what investigators described as a white substance split between several individual baggies. It became clear that Scott was trafficking drugs. Along with the personalized portions, they also found prescription bottles, pills, ecstasy, and what appeared to be crack. Why she called the cops in the first place had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

Woman Says Kidnapped Girl Is In Car, Cops Horrified At What's Really Inside
Frantinne Scott upset upon arrest

Scott was allegedly high on crack when she called the police. They arrested her for making a false report and two counts of drug trafficking. The woman was so desperate to get her drugs back that she called the police for help, but she had to come up with a better reason for them to find the car other than that she needed her narcotics. That’s when she decided to lie and say the girl had been kidnapped when there was never even a child in the picture.

Still continuing on with her claim when questioned by police, the drug-user and alleged seller said the substances weren’t hers and belonged to whoever stole the car who must have left them behind. “They stole my car,” Scott said. “They stole my car and left it here and left drugs in it.”

Nobody was buying her story, and she was taken into custody in part for wasting the officers’ time that could have been better spent on legitimate issues. Although the kidnapping was false, police feel that there wasn’t a total loss of time spent on this since it did get a drug trafficker off the streets, if only for a few hours behind bars. Scott has since been released from jail on her own recognizance.

In addition to her charges, this woman should have to pay the city back for the man hours used tracking down her drugs. She also should have been kept behind bars for longer than a couple of hours, since nobody in Louisville needs a woman high on crack cocaine driving around and putting innocent people’s live at risk. Hopefully, the next time she finds herself in trouble with the law it’s not after someone else got hurt by her bad life decisions.

Credits and source: MWN.

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