Woman Ditches Car, Onlookers Stunned To See What’s Stuck In Windshield

In Oceanside, California, several onlookers were left stunned when they saw a woman speeding down the sidewalk in her car. Nearly a mile down the road, she suddenly ditched her vehicle, leaving bystanders absolutely horrified to see what was sticking out of the windshield. That’s when they immediately called the police.

As several onlookers were minding their own business early in the morning, they suddenly saw Esteysi Sanchez Izazaga, who goes by the name Stacy Sanchez, driving her car on the sidewalk. However, nothing could have prepared them for the moment her car smashed into a homeless man who was walking on the sidewalk. She continued on her way with the man stuck through her windshield and trapped in the passenger seat.

Izazaga drove with the man inside her car for nearly a mile before parking in a cul-de-sac and walking away. She left the unidentified victim’s body lodged in the front seat, seeming to have no concern for what she had done. Bystanders stepped up and called the police, who found the suspect at her home a few blocks away from the scene.

“Izazaga is suspected of driving under the influence,” Oceanside police said, according to NBC San Diego. When the speeding car made contact with the victim, he flew into the windshield, head down, and came to rest on the front seat. To make matters even worse, when the man’s body made contact with the car, his leg detached from his body, flying through the back window and landing on the trunk of the car. He did not survive the traumatic injuries.

Woman Ditches Car, Onlookers Stunned Once They Saw What’s In The Windshield
The car (Image Source: Heavy)

“There’s no words to really describe it,” explained Edwin Esparza, who witnessed the incident unfold. “I mean, just seeing that up close and personal, it’s kind of traumatizing in a way.”

“Horrific. Yeah, I’ve never in my whole life have I heard a story like this,” Lou Torres, another witness admitted. “It was so strange that I couldn’t imagine any scenario that would cause this.”

Woman Ditches Car, Onlookers Stunned Once They Saw What’s In The Windshield
Esteysi Sanchez Izazaga getting arrested (Image Source: Heavy)

Izazaga has since been arrested and charged with felony DUI, felony hit-and-run, and vehicular manslaughter. Her bail has been set at $130,000. The victim has not yet been publicly identified since authorities are currently working on contacting his family.

There is no excuse to be driving a vehicle after you have been under the influence. This man’s life was cut short, solely because this young woman failed to follow the law and got behind the wheel when she had no business being there. Laws are put in place for a reason, and because this woman didn’t feel like following them, this man paid the ultimate price.

Credits and source: MWN.

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