WATCH: California Thug Stabs Cop, Didn’t See Who Was Behind Him Until Too Late

A shocking video has emerged out of Orange County, California, where a violent street thug ambushed a police officer from behind with a knife. Now, the thug’s mother is in court, looking for a payday after her degenerate son got a brutal dose of justice because he didn’t see who was behind him until too late.

According to Blue Lives Matter, 21-year-old Connor Zion bit his mother and then attacked her and a roommate with a butcher knife before the cops were called to deal with him and protect the victims. The first to arrive at the scene was Deputy Juan Lopez of Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The moment he got out of his car and made his approach, things took a horrific turn for the worse.

Zion ambushed Deputy Lopez from behind and immediately started to stab him as he knocked him to the ground. Little did this punk know that coming up behind him was Deputy Michael Higgins, and he was about to put a brutal smackdown on the would-be cop killer. Luckily for us, it was all caught on video.

Although the heinous attack took place in 2013, the video footage of Deputy Higgins shooting Zion dead and then stomping on his head was just released on Thursday, November 2, 2017, by 3 of the liberal idiots who preside at the 9th District Court of Appeals. The judges ruled that Zion’s degenerate mother, who he was attacking when the deputies responded to protect her, is now able to sue Deputy Higgins for stomping on her son’s head after he shot him, according to CBSLA.

Some people never get what they deserve, and Zion’s mother is one of them. What kind of person asks the cops to protect them from a knife-wielding thug and then turns around and sues the cops when her son gets his head rearranged in the process? Deputy Higgins deserves a medal and a tremendous amount of respect for removing Zion from the population with extreme prejudice and protecting this woman. Instead, the thanks he gets is in the form of a lawsuit.

Leave it to the 9th District Court of Appeals to make one of many stupid rulings this year. The video is truly graphic to watch, but we have to keep in mind that when Deputy Higgins arrived, Deputy Lopez was on the ground being stabbed by Zion. As he started shooting Zion, the thug ran and fell on the ground. Then, Deputy Higgins stood over him and continued to shoot until his clip was empty before stomping his head into the ground a couple times. This is simply good measure in my book.

In the heat of battle, Deputy Higgins made the right call. He needed to make sure that Zion was immobilized and was no longer a threat before rushing over to Deputy Lopez to provide life-saving first aid, during which he would have had his back turned to the thug.

As for those who will say it’s unnecessary due to the number of bullets that were put in him, cops see drug-fueled criminals keep going after much more. There was no way to know if this guy was on something. I wouldn’t want to put my back to an obviously crazed criminal, who just showed he has no problem with attempting to be a cop-killer, either.

Instead of handcuffing Zion, which would have taken precious moments in which Lopez may have lost his life, Deputy Higgins stomped on his head 3 times, and good for him. It’s too bad that cops aren’t allowed to let reprobates like Zion’s mother deal with their own monstrosities.

Cop-hating liberals in our country talk so much trash about law enforcement, but when they want to be saved from a beating or death, they are quick to call 911 for the nearest officer. Zion was pronounced dead at the scene that night. Deputy Higgins saved his partner’s life and was awarded a medal of valor, and rightfully so.

The three idiot judges of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided on Thursday that the shots Deputy Higgins fired were justified, but that the head-stomping was excessive. Now, Zion’s mother can continue looking for her payday.

“[T]erminating a threat doesn’t necessarily mean terminating the suspect,” Judge Alex Kozinski wrote. I’d like this judge to borrow a badge and gun for a week and go on patrol to help him better form an accurate idea of what “terminating a threat” means. If it were his own worthless hide on the line, I bet he’d think differently, and after a life-threatening experience, maybe his adrenaline would have him stomping a few skulls too.

Credits and source: MADWORLDNEWS

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