Mom’s Nasty Secret’s Out After Daughter Moves In And Wakes To Nightmare

After giving birth to a little boy, young parents in Georgia were struggling to make it on their own, so the new mom’s mother invited them to move in. The couple took her up on the offer, but they realized nine months later what the grandmother was hiding all along when they woke to a complete nightmare.

Hayden and Taylor Shaw welcomed little Kobe into their lives, overjoyed by this sweet boy. The new mom wanted her son to be close with her mother, Tonya Monroe, since she wasn’t around for much of her own childhood. Taylor had been raised by her grandma, but since Tonya had made an effort to be back in her daughter’s life, the new mom thought she would give her a second chance and rebuild a relationship with her.

Taylor believed her mother had made some great changes in life and was excited for the opportunity to be close with her again, especially since she could use the extra support since her little boy was born with some serious medical challenges. Kobe was given just five years to live since he suffered an underdeveloped brain at birth, due to a condition known as ponscerebellarhypoplasia. Given his challenges, he was unable to crawl, touch his hand to his face, and was completely immobile on his own.

The dreaded day they had been warned about came in March when Tonya woke up screaming for her daughter, saying that the baby was blue and not breathing. Taylor went into hysterics, seeing her son unresponsive when she thought she would have more years with him. The couple called 911 as they attempted CPR, but it would all be to no avail. Kobe was dead at 9-months-old, which was assumed to be from his condition. However, recently it was learned that this wasn’t the case.

An autopsy was performed and resulted in nothing unusual, but the medical examiner also ran another routine test at the same time that would take months for the results to come back. When they did, the parents were horrified at what it showed, and Tonya is to blame.

According to 11Alive, Taylor was aware that her mother had a history of drug abuse and an arrest record that proved it, having been in trouble multiple times for meth. However, she was told that was all in the past. The daughter, desperately wanting a relationship with her mother, had no reason to believe it wasn’t resolved until her son tested positive for meth in his system, and his death was declared an overdose of the drug.

Since the child was completely immobile on his own due to his condition, authorities believe that Tonya force fed the baby the meth. For reasons unknown, perhaps because she was tired of dealing with his challenges, she is accused of intentionally killing her grandson. However, she’s not in jail for it.

As soon as Tonya found out what the test results were and that there was going to be some serious allegations against her, she fled and has yet to be found. Detectives are looking for the 45-year-old grandmother, who’s believed to be driving a silver Toyota 4Runner with Georgia license plate RAL9819.

Now, this daughter has not only been horribly disregarded by her mother again for the second time in her life, her son paid the ultimate price, adding another layer of unbearable grief to the loss. She could have spent several more years with her baby boy, but her mother’s selfishness that ruled her own life robbed this boy of his, stealing that precious time away from his mother as well.

h/t: [Independent Journal Review]

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