Man Enters Woman’s Bedroom, Then He’s Sees Who Else Is In There With Him

After breaking into a woman’s home and walking straight into her bedroom, things took a turn for the worst as he then began to rip off her clothing. Unfortunately for him, when he saw who else was in the bedroom with him, it was already too late.

It all started when 52-year-old George Arthur Smith parked his car in the driveway and decided to break into a Heather Wood, Texas home. Although police have yet to uncover the man’s motives, they say he walked right into the bedroom of the home and began to rip the clothing off a woman who was sleeping in her bed.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t long before he found out that the two weren’t exactly alone. The woman’s husband was quick to wake up to the horrifying sight. Not knowing if the intruder was armed at the time, the woman instructed her husband to go and get their son and leave so that no one got hurt – but he wasn’t about to let someone rape his wife.

According to reports, the husband began screaming for their son Jon Paul Perez, who attends college, prompting him to come running. At that point, Smith reportedly tried to leave, but the two men in the house weren’t about to let him get away, and they began to unleash a fury of fists on him.

“My dad was already in it with him, and I just came behind him and start wailing on his head as many times as I can,” said Perez. After delivering a dose of instant justice straight to the man’s face, they dragged him outside and held him until police arrived. “We roughed him up a little bit then we pinned him on his back and my dad had his head buried in the concrete,” Perez went on to say.

Man Enters Woman’s Bedroom, Then He’s Sees Who Else Is In There With Him

Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constables showed up just minutes later and took Smith into custody on charges of burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault. He is being held on $20,000 bond. As for the police, they are glad things turned out the way they did in the end.

“The husband and the son no doubt stopped a more serious crime from taking place,” Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman later explained. “The individual did not appear to be armed but he did appear to be under the influence of some type of substance. We don’t know what that is.”

This guy is lucky the family he decided to attack didn’t have any guns on hand – or at least didn’t think to use them. All I know is that a beating would have been the least of this man’s worries if he’d broken into my house. I mean, if someone is going to act like that, then why force taxpayers to house and feed him for the next several years rather than take care of the problem right then and there ?

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