Cheerleader Arrested In Devilish Murder Plot After Using Man In Sick Game

Haily Suder is an All-American cheerleader, who apparently thought she could get away with murder. It shocked her small community when she was placed under arrested two days ago, charged with torture and murder. Suder and her boyfriend played a sick game that took them down the dark path to committing a most heinous crime, costing an innocent man his life.

Reports from friends, who have known 18-year-old Haily Suder her whole life, say she was a sweet, caring girl until she met Austin Mostrong, 20, and the two formed a tight bond. After Suder became involved with Mostrong, she stopped hanging out with her old friends, and they say she became cold and distant as she also started failing classes.

Austin Mostrong & Haily Suder (left) George Lowery, the area where his body was found. (right)

Then, last April, she went out for a wild night of drinking with her boyfriend and his brother Preston. Police state the three of them played a sick game, targeting homeless people who camped down by the San Diego River bed in Santee, California.

Suder’s exact role is unknown, but police did confirm that the group would shoot paintballs at poor homeless people, harassing them and abusing them for fun. On April 20th, the game got deadly when George Lowery defended a fellow homeless man, who the threesome was terrorizing. Lowery somehow took the paintball gun away from one of them and chased them off.

The Mostrong brothers then hatched a plan to attack Lowery and get their gun back. The next night, they all returned, and when they were finished, Lowery was hogtied, tortured, beaten, and dead with a piece of plywood covering him.

George’s daughter & wife Penny (left), George Lowery (right)

However, the evil threesome had one huge problem. Lowery’s wife got to the scene and observed three people next to a plywood board. When she discovered her husband was underneath it, she immediately called the police, who placed the Mostrong brothers under arrest. Suder was not initially arrested and must have felt she was home free.

In a shocking turn of events, Suder was arrested and charged with torture and murder. Up until her arrest, no one knew Suder had anything to do with Lowery’s murder, and she cried hysterically in court while being arraigned.

Haily Suder

Police are keeping all other details undisclosed as they build their case against the suspects, but they know Lowery’s wife can place all three of them at the scene, standing over her dead husband.

Lowery had fallen on hard times in the last few years, but his family described a man who had a heart of gold, always helping other homeless people. It was his empathy for others that led three heartless scumbags to throw him away like a piece of garbage. Lowery’s family is devastated thinking Suder’s punishment, which is only three years jail if convicted, is not nearly long enough.

[h/t Fox News]

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